Where is DVD Support in iVI Pro?

Recently Apple have changed the way apps are distributed by developers, even outside of the app store, mandating that the apps need to be hardened in order to run on macOS Catalina. This process of hardening the app has forced us to remove DVD Import from the main version of iVI Pro.

Unfortunately as a result DVD Import is no longer included in iVI Pro 4 or iVI Pro 5.



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    Leen van Gent

    Hello, you can double click if you do the following first

    Open system preferences and select security & privacy (keep this windows open)

    now right click on the DVD IVI programs and you will get an popup that you cannot run the program, click on OK.

    now you will see in the security & privacy a question if you want to run IVI dvd from an unknown developer, select OK

    from now on you can double click and the program will open normally.

    This is for most programs that Apple deems unfit to run.......

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    John Horvatic

    Okay, sorry I forgot about the security deal in the general section of Security and Privacy. Got it working, Thanks.

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    What if you are not running Catalina? I am running High Sierra.

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    Leen van Gent

    Hi, I'm running both Catalina and Mojave and on both OS versions this access works.


    Another way is to tell MacOS to exclude using

    xattr -rd "/Applications/iVI Pro"

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    Peter Rauber

    DVD Pro does not work on Big Sur. The program stops when the DVD is read.Solution? Thanks

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