What do the colors mean on the Subtitles list?

Now we've added Open Subtitle support to iVI 4.0 there can be some uncertainty as to whether the right subtitle has been found or whether it will have the right timing information. 

Subtitles listed in green are a solid match for the file dropped into iVI and should have both the right text and timing.

Subtitles listed in amber have the right name so should be the right text but the timing may not match perfectly. 

Subtitles listed in red are corrupt or not in SRT format and will not be included.



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    Martin Lipovy

    Why I cannot check the subtitles marked amber? I have my subtitles checked prior to conversion but iVi thinks it's not green so I cannot use it :-(.

    How to override this behavior?

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    Dave Schaffer


    You should be able to select Amber subtitles just fine. 

    Please contact and we can look into the issue for you.

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