Why has Turbo 264 support been removed?

While Elgato sometimes tells customers that they support 3rd party software it hasn't been possible for us to obtain an API from them that either supports 64 bit software or an Apple Sandboxed environment. As iVI Pro is now fully 64 bit and iVI in the App Store requires Sandboxing we're unable to provide Turbo 264 support at this time. Please help us by contacting Elgato and ask them to provide a new API for 3rd parties like us and if they do we'll be excited to enable support for this device in iVI again.

Here is the official statement from Elgato themselves...
Thank you for contacting Elgato Systems. Unfortunately, Elgato no longer provides support for the Turbo.264 HD QuickTime component nor for 3rd party API access to Turbo.264 HD hardware encoding, for both business reasons and technical limitations.


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