Applescript Post Processing

An iVI user can write Applescript to perform almost any post processing on a file after conversion. To activate this feature go to the Conversion Tab of Preferences, select a customer folder for the converted file and then select Run Applescript Following Conversion and choose your script file. iVI will pass all useful parameters to the Applescript as shown in the example below....

on postconversion(finalpath, sourcepath, mediatype, moviename, episodename, seasonnumber, episodenumber, releasedate, genre)

display dialog "Destination Path:" & finalpath & (ASCII character 10) & (ASCII character 10) & "Source Path:" & sourcepath & (ASCII character 10) & (ASCII character 10) & "Media Type:" & mediatype

end postconversion

Your script must be wrapped in the "on postconversion.." and "end postconversion" block as illustrated in the example above in order to work correctly. 

Please Note : This feature will work well on iVI Pro but may have issues with the Sandbox on iVI from the App Store. If you plan on using Applescript we recommend iVI Pro from our website.



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