How does iVI determine the file type?

1) iVI looks for TV Show information in the file name. If it finds it then it determines it's a TV show and uses the filename for lookup from for show data and artwork. Here are the patterns iVI looks for in the file name...

s1e05 format (series 1, episode 5)
s1e5 format (series 1, episode 5)
s01e05 format (series 1, episode 5)
123 format (series 1, episode 23)
S01.E02 format (series 1, episode 2)
1234 format (series 12, episode 34)
1x23 format (series 1, episode 23)
10x23 format (series 10, episode 23)

(iVI will also look for date information in the title at this point which is common for daily shows)

2) iVI tries to look up the file name on If it finds a match then it decides it's a movie and adds the data and art from

3) iVI decides the file is a home movie (or other default if changed in preferences) and labels it as such.


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