Can iVI import SRT files automatically?

iVI will automatically import any srt file in the same directory as the source file with the same name (case insensitive).

For example /Users/Dave/lucas in will be imported into /Users/Dave/Lucas in Love.mkv during conversion

Languages can be encoded into the srt name For example /Users/Dave/lucas in will be imported into /Users/Dave/Lucas in Love.mkv as an English subtitle

Note for App Store customers: Due to the Apple Sandbox iVI is no longer able to scan folders for files unless that folder (or its parent folder) has specifically been selected by the user. File names without a language will continue to work (like fine but those with a language wont work (like without help. It's possible for the user to make this work by selecting any folders that might contain video files and adding them to the Video Sources (that tells the Sandbox that it's okay for iVI to access this folder). Then any files you import (via drag and drop or automation) will also come with their subtitle files.


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