Creating a Rule to Look Up Show Metadata Based on show ID

1. Add the show to iVI

2. Double click the show in iVI's main window

3. Select the Information Tab

4. Enter the correct show name in the Series Name box and press search

5. Locate the correct show in the Wrong Information box (on the bottom right)

6. Right click there and select Copy ID

7. Close the Information Tab and open iVI's preferences

8. Select the Rules Tab and create a new rule

9. In the top part of the rule editor create a rule such as If File Name contains ShowName

10. In the bottom part of the rules editor select Set Lookup ID and then paste the ID you copied in step 6 above into the empty box 

11 Add the rule, it should look something like this....

If File Name CONTAINS "800 Words" Then set id for show lookup to iVITVDBPlugIn:300667




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