iVI Pro isn't recognizing my license, what can I try?

This article is for iVI Pro 3 users only. If you are using iVI Pro 4 or later than please contact directly. 

Please double check the license has been entered correctly. Most support emails about the license are due to an incorrectly entered license.

The second thing to try is downloading and running the eSellerate engine updater, which you can download from the following location..

If that doesn't resolve things for you then you try the following…. 

1. Open Finder 

2. In the bottom of the Finder sidebar (the part on the left) you can scroll down to devices 

3. Click on your hard drive (probably called something like Macintosh HD) 

4. Open Library then Application Support 

5. If you see a folder called Mindvison then delete it and try restarting iVI

If that doesn't work then please send us a screenshot of your license entered into your license manager window at and we'll look into the issue for you.


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