What is the difference between iVI and iVI Pro?

iVI Pro and iVI both include most of features that iVI has to offer however due to App Store restrictions DVD Import is only currently available in iVI Pro. iVI is available on the Mac App Store and iVI Pro is purchased from our own store. We submit new versions of iVI Pro to Apple as iVI as they are developed but due to the App Store review process these are often at least one version behind iVI Pro. Also we are unable to fix bugs on iVI until the fix (no matter how small) has been through the same Apple review process. In contrast, with iVI Pro we control it's release and we will often be able to fix a bug on the day it's discovered and make that available to our customer base immediately. This process is the same for all App Store applications and isn't unique to iVI.

Here is a detailed list of the features in iVI Pro but not in iVI (from the App Store) -

  • DVD Import
  • Save converted file to the same location as the source file (Original Location)
  • Better automatic SRT detection and inclusion
  • Better support for Applescript
  • Faster and more frequent updates
  • Support for VOB files (removed from the App Store version at Apple's request)


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