Detecting Movies or TV Shows

When a video file is detected in a Video Source or dropped onto iVI the first thing iVI will do is try to determine if this is a Movie, TV Show or Home Movie. It does this by first looking at the file name. If the name has a common format for TV Shows (Eureka.S01E05.HDTV.avi for example, iVI knows several others) it will assume the file is a TV Show and attempt to lookup the episode name and download the artwork etc. If the name doesn't look like a TV Show then iVI will consult the Internet to determine if it has a common movie name (The Empire Strikes Back.avi for example). If it does then iVI assumes it is a movie and will download the relevant description and artwork for that. If both of these fail then iVI will assume the file type is whatever default is set in Preferences (initially set as Home Movie). If iVI has missed something then in order to help iVI you should select the correct Media Type. If you double click on the video file in the iVI main window the details view will be shown for the file. Here you can enter more details such as the name of the show or movie and what kind of video it is. Once things are set up press the Search button. iVI will now use the help you've provided to try and look the file up again. If there are a lot of close matches then iVI will show you a list to choose from. 


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