How to Enter the Serial Number for your iVI Pro Purchase...

I purchase iVI via the Store on the South Pole Website
If your purchased your license from the South Pole Webstore then you can enter the license manually into License Manger window (launched from under the iVI menu). Press the Edit button to type in the license and then press the Update button (far right) to confirm the changes. You need to ensure that all of the letters are capitalized and that the dash (-) marks are in place.

I'd like to Cut and Paste in a Serial Number I already have
In order to paste your license rather than type it in please try the following. Open the email containing your purchase receipt and locate your serial number. Highlight the serial number and right click. Select Copy. Now run iVI and select the iVI menu. Click on License Manager. Press the Edit button. Right click in the license entry box (now white) and press Paste. Press the left most (not the right most) Update button in the license manager.


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